yue - members

In alphabetical order, Yue members are:

Andrea Bagnacani (Il Bagna) – VJ:
Andrea is responsible for live videos, he uses freej and effectv.
He will make you go wild.

Luca Bigliardi (Billo) – Guitar:
Producing loads of different sounds, Billo uses his faithful 7 cord guitar,
e-bow and a good dose of sound mixing.

Sara Menozzi (Szara) – Vocals, Choreographer:
Born a contemporary dance, Szara evolved into a singer,
her persuasive voice is accompanied by dance moves.

Giulia Pedroni (Pedro) – Vocals:
A powerful, intriguing voice will hypnotize you.

Luca Piccinini (Picci) – Guitar, Keyboard:
Picci makes the best out of every instriment.
Gread improvisations from a rocker's soul.

Daniele Torelli (Tore) – Electric Fetishes:
Visit www.danieletorelli.net.

We had the pleasure to play with:

Claudio Benassi (Belva) – Guitar:
A great jazzy contamination for our live sets.