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yue project

The band Yue is based on the idea of preparing live shows that are free, without limitations.
Keeping this idea in mind, Yue creates music and a video show
with traditional instruments and free softwares.

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Yue's roots are based on the philosophy of free flowing knowledge.

We believe that man should have access to
every element of the human intelligence.
With this access, each human will be able to contribute
to the development of art,
science and technology.

Based on this belief, our artistic creations are realized
through free instruments and media and freely distributed.

Having intellectual advantages over someone else,
aside from the right to be recognised as their author,
generates an inbalance
that limits the evolution of mankind.

This disparity between the privileged and unprivileged is justified
as an incentive to research and innovation.

An artist is motivated by passion, not privileges.
An artist does not need incentives,
but free media and free places
to express himself and let people know his art.

In order to satisfy this need,
Yue offers space to whomever would like to expose his or her artistic side,
in collaboration or individually.

Create, share, participate.